Medical waste isn’t something nice to talk about, but it’s vital that it gets treated.

Whether it’s hospital or pharmaceutical waste, it needs to be disposed of in a quick and efficient manner. Otherwise, there may be a risk of someone getting sick or injured!

85% of waste produced by medical services like hospitals is non-hazardous. However, the remaining 15% is considered either radioactive, toxic or infectious.

This poses a huge ecological impact where for instance, medical waste such as landfill contaminates drinking water. Thus, it is of the utmost importance that it is disposed of by a competent medical waste treatment service.

What should you look for when choosing a treatment service?

It should be a professional company which is highly experienced and provides comprehensive services at an affordable price!

But that is not all that you need to look for. Read on to find out more!

Proper Certification

It is vital that you choose a completely certified medical waste treatment service. Not only should they have a license to work, they should also comply with all OHSA requirements in their respective state.

When working with potentially hazardous medical waste, this isn’t something you can “um” and “err” about. This is because working with an uncertified company can land you in trouble with the state and the relevant authorities.

Comprehensive Service

A proper medical waste treatment facility provides a comprehensive service from start to finish. Not only should they pick up your hazardous waste, but they need to have the appropriate facility to handle the waste. This is so that they can sterilize or incinerate the waste before transporting it themselves to landfill.

It’s not enough to pass it on from person to person either. Your waste should be appropriately treated from a single source.

Below are more services that should be offered under this umbrella by a waste management service.

1. Biohazard Disposal Service

There is a certain process that a waste disposal service must follow when they have retrieved your waste. After being weighed on scales, the waste containers should be taken to an autoclave unit where the medical waste is dealt with.

This is all standard for a biohazard disposal service. However, a quality service also provides you with other forms of disposal services. This includes the safe destruction of confidential healthcare documents and expired pharmaceuticals.

This extra touch shows that a medical waste treatment service is cut above the others.

2. Sharps Disposal Service

Another important factor of a quality medical waste disposal company is their approach to sharps disposal.

According to the Coalition for Safe Community Needle Disposal, around 7.8 billion needles are used every year in America. Therefore, there needs to be a service that can get rid of them as safely as possible!

A respectable disposal service will not just provide you with sharp disposal containers. They will also send professional medical waste technicians to regularly manage your sharps waste.

If anything happens to your containers, they will provide you more from the ample supply carried on their trucks or in their facility. They will also inspect them to ensure they are still usable and not damaged in any way.

3. Pharmaceutical Waste Disposal

Along with biohazardous waste disposal, a quality medical disposal service will provide you with the option of disposing of pharmaceutical waste.

It’s important that pharmaceutical waste isn’t mixed with other types of wastes such as sharps or biohazard wastes. This is because they need to be sterilized instead of completely incinerated.

Like with sharp collections, a good medical waste disposal company will provide you with waste collection containers just for pharmaceutical waste.

They will also help assist you in deciding how to best deal with this waste. This will be done by creating a safe on-site management plan as well as regularly scheduled waste collection.

4. Medical Safety Supplies

Along with sharps and pharmaceutical waste disposal, your medical waste disposal provider should offer you a variety of medical safety supplies. This should also include waste boxes for general waste disposal, as well as red infectious waste bags, and waste can liners.

These safety supplies generally ensure that your medical center’s entire waste management is in check, apart from the biohazardous waste and pharmaceutical waste.

Professional Conduct

When it comes to choosing a medical treatment service you can rely on, you need to find one that works with professional finesse.

There should be no delay when they come to retrieve your waste. Their employees should also be fast on their job and professional. None of the equipment they provide you should be damaged. If it is, they should be responsible for replacing it right away to avoid contamination.

If you find that the service you use is neglectful in any aspect of this, seek out a new waste disposal company right away!


It’s not enough that your waste disposal service is done quickly and efficiently. It also needs to be done correctly. Failing to find a company with experience in medical waste disposal could end up being disastrous for both parties.

If you’re curious to see how much experience any disposal service has, check out their about us page. If they have a substantial number of years of experience in their field, you can be sure you can trust them with disposing of your medical waste.

Affordable Prices for Quality Service

A high-quality waste disposal service should offer you the best service at the most affordable prices.

You’ll find that highly professional waste disposal businesses understand the need for inexpensive waste management. Therefore, despite offering you exemplary service, they will do so with affordable prices that truly reflect on your value for money.

Wrapping up: Find the Medical Waste Treatment Service That is Right for You!

When it comes to choosing a medical waste disposal service, there are several factors you need to account for. But in the end, as long as you go with a professional and friendly service with several years of experience, you will have no problems with any medical waste treatment!

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