Medical Waste Management Comparison


Stericycle comparisonWith nearly 30 years of experience in the medical waste management industry, UMI will provide you with environmentally safe medical waste collection, transportation, sterilization and disposal services no different than the industry giant, Stericycle©.

How UMI Differs from Stericycle©

  • UMI is a Florida company; so your money stays local, helping Florida’s economy
  • UMI is family owned; our main goal is to satisfy our customers not investors
  • When calling UMI, rather than reaching one of those frustrating automated systems that bounces the customer around from department to department wasting valuable time, your calls are answered by a warm, friendly person eager to immediately help you with your needs.
  • Because UMI is a small local company, we are able to offer a more personalized service. Each time a customer calls UMI, they will speak to the same people in each department, allowing our personnel to bond with the customer.  Over time, our personnel become familiar with you and your needs, eliminating the necessity to repeat yourself on calls.
  • UMI is able to provide extremely competitive prices, with no increases, for the term of your flexible service agreement


medical waste disposal satisfaction guaranteeWe have a 100% Money-Back Satisfaction Guarantee with every service we provide! UMI is a licensed and insured Florida medical waste transporter & disposal company, operating in compliance with all applicable federal, state and local laws and regulations. We offer same-day biohazardous materials removal or regularly-scheduled medical waste collections anywhere in the state of Florida - e.g. Jacksonville, Miami, Tampa, St. Petersburg, Orlando, Hialeah, Tallahassee, Ft. Lauderdale, Port St. Lucie and Pembroke Pines.

What We Offer

  • Complete sterilization process in our own, state of the art, treatment facility
  • Manifest and tracking documents in compliance with Federal, State and Local regulatory agencies
  • Safe and compliant service, UMI’s customers have never been fined for non-compliance
  • OSHA Bloodborne Pathogen training through our online portal or onsite personalized training and yearly manual updates.
  • Annual medical waste training in compliance with the Department of Health (DOH) 64E-16
  • 24 hour emergency service
  • Full line of products necessary for the proper packaging of medical waste
  • Sharps containers available in various size
  • Confidential document destruction

Medical Waste Disposal

We provide comprehensive biomedical waste collection, transport, treatment and disposal services, including same-day biohazardous materials removal or regularly-scheduled medical waste collections in the state of Florida.
medical waste management company
medical waste management

Sharps Containers Disposal

A core component of UMI biomedical waste management solutions for Florida medical waste generators is sharps containers removal, disposal, and sharps inventory replenishment.

Pharmaceutical Waste Disposal

UMI provides Florida hospitals, medical clinics and pharmacies with safe and compliant hazardous pharmaceutical waste disposal & management solutions.
Pharmaceutical Waste Disposal
medical waste safety supplies

Medical Safety Supplies

UMI provides waste can liners, red infectious waste bags, infectious waste boxes and other supplies for hospitals and healthcare facilities large and small.

Medical Waste Treatment

UMI biomedical waste autoclave facilities sterilizes the waste, allowing for safe landfill disposal and provides an environmentally-friendly alternative to incineration.
medical waste treatment facilities
OSHA Training

OSHA Training & Certification

UMI offers OSHA training programs for BBP/MSDS safety certification, HIPAA compliance and Florida Dept of Health FDOH biomedical waste management requirements.

About United Medical Industries

We provide professional medical waste management solutions for large, medium and small facilities, including hospitals, outpatient care facilities, dentists, doctors, and all other biomedical waste generators. Alongside our medical waste disposal services, we also provide pharmaceutical waste management, sharps containers, and other solutions for your company's needs.

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