If you are a dentist, doctor, or medical professional who works at a hospital or laboratory, you should be aware of the need for proper medical waste management.

However, choosing a company to handle this sensitive task can be difficult. Because of the nature of this important work, you may be unclear on what things you should be looking for in a medical waste management company.

Below, we’ve put together a guide to the five most important questions you should ask before hiring a company to manage your medical waste.

1. What Is Your Waste Disposal Process?

Disposing of medical waste properly is very important. You want to fully understand what is going to happen to your medical waste once it has been picked up.

For example, at what frequency is the waste picked up? How is the waste measured, and what do the costs include? Do you get a certain number of waste barrels to fill, or is the waste weighed?

Knowing everything there is to know about the waste disposal process can ease your mind about choosing the right company to handle this delicate matter for you.

The best medical waste management companies will weigh all transport vehicles, shipping containers, and waste on certified scales.

Then, the containers of waste will be off-loaded and the waste will be placed into a special unit for sterilization.

Once the waste has been sterilized, it will be transported to an approved landfill for final disposal.

Some medical waste management companies will even offer special services to destroy other items besides bio-hazardous medical waste.

This could include things like confidential information, sensitive patient documents, and expired pharmaceutical drugs.

2. What Are Your Handling Procedures?

Medical waste management is changing with the times. Your waste management company should be using the latest technology and should be informed about all recent developments in the industry.

There are also some basic handling procedures that come standard in today’s medical waste world. You should know them, and make sure the company you hire knows them, too.

Improper ways to dispose of medical waste include dumping, burning, and improper handling of the waste at any step in the disposal process.

Improper handling covers many different unsafe procedures. These are things like neglecting to wear protecting equipment, improper storage (like at high temperatures), uncovered containers, punctured bags, and more.

All of these pose a serious risk, and should not be part of your waste disposal company’s procedures. Make sure they prioritize safety as first on their list.

3. Are You A Full-Service Waste Disposal Solution?

What exactly do their services cover? Do they simply pick up medical waste from your facility, only to transport it to a third party that will sterilize and dispose of it?

You should know exactly where your waste is going and what will be happening to it since you are liable as the source of the waste. Being able to track the current state of your medical waste is an important part of the disposal process.

Your best option is to opt for a full-service company that handles everything from start to finish and takes full responsibility for your waste from the moment it is picked up by them.

Chances are, your facility will experience changes and new policies over the years. You want to make sure your waste management company can keep up with those unavoidable updates.

When a company is full-service, they are more likely to be able to expand and contract with you as needed.

4. What Are the Consequences of Improper Waste Management?

Before getting into an agreement with a medical waste management company, you should know the consequences that can happen as a result of improper waste management.

Then, you should ask this question to the waste management company to make sure that they understand the severity of the situation, too.

If they know their stuff, they will make it clear that they understand things like air contamination, pollution, the spread of infection, disease, and even death can occur as a result of improperly handled medical waste.

When medical waste is not transported, handled, or disposed of properly, serious and life-threatening consequences can occur. Water and the environment can be contaminated, and disease can spread to a population like a wildfire.

Contact with toxic chemicals can negatively affect all forms of life, from soil to humans.

5. What If I’m Not Happy?

If worse comes to worst, you need to know what it will look like for you to get out of your contract.

If you are not happy and want to sever ties with your medical waste management company, what consequences will you face?

For example, some companies will charge a large fee or even refuse to let you out of your contract before the time is up.

The best of the best, though, should offer a money-back satisfaction guarantee. Your contract with the company should fully detail their obligations to you and what you owe them in return.

What happens if there is an issue? What will they do to resolve it or make it up to you if they are unable to provide a solution?

These are some very important factors you should consider before launching into any sort of agreement with a medical waste disposal company.

Looking for the Best Medical Waste Management Company?

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Unlike many other medical waste transportation companies, we do not turn over the waste to a third party. We sterilize everything ourselves and then transport it to an approved landfill.

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